Leon Valley leaders to reconsider, clarify vote made last week for bids to hire outside law firm


LEON VALLEY, Texas – Leon Valley city leaders will have a special meeting Tuesday to reconsider or clarify a vote they made last week to request bids to hire an outside law firm to handle the city’s legal work.

The vote last week was part of the upcoming budget as the city explores ways to save after leaders noticed the city spent more than allotted for an in-house city attorney.

Part of the increase was due because the city had to hire an outside firm while the current city attorney, Denise Frederick, was out on medical leave.

The majority of the City Council voted to seek bids. 

Among those council members who voted for a bid was Councilman Benny Martinez. He is at the center of allegations against him for sexual harassment by another council member and a city staff member. Others, including Frederick, accuse him of violating the city charter and creating a hostile work environment.

The City Council meeting is Tuesday. 

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