Where San Antonio police picked up 16 credit card skimmers in August

San Antonio police found more than a dozen skimmers across the city last month, according to records obtained by KSAT.com.

In August, police officers seized 16 skimmers from eight different gas stations.

Five of the gas stations had more than one skimmer, according to the data.

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On Aug. 29, police found four skimmers at the Circle K gas station on 3603 Southeast Military Drive. At another Circle K location at 1231 Probandt, police found three skimmers.

In July, police found a dozen skimmers across San Antonio. In June, police found six skimmers in the city.

Fraudsters target older gas pumps, which are easier to target, according to the police department.

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The best way to avoid being a victim of credit card skimming is to use upgraded pumps, which are encrypted. Motorists can also pay with cash at the pump instead.

So far in 2019, police have seized 128 skimmers, according to the records obtained by KSAT.com.

View the map below to see where the skimmers were found.

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