3-year-old's hilarious slow-motion run to home base has Internet cheering

3-year-old baseball player runs bases in slow motion

WALNUT GROVE, California – When preschoolers play sports, there can often be many unintentionally funny moments. But one California toddler had everyone cracking up on purpose during a game over the weekend.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows 3-year-old Lennox Salcedo headed from third base to home.

His coach told him to run as fast as he could, but for dramatic effect, Lennox decided to take the run in slow motion.

Even after his dad, who is one of his coaches, tried to give him a helpful nudge, Lennox brushed him off without breaking his very slow stride.

In the video, his teammate patiently out-waits the "performance" for his turn at bat. The division he plays in is comprised of players who are 3 and 4 years old. The ball is pitched by a machine and no outs or scores are kept.

At 3 years old, the future is looking bright for Lennox. If a career in baseball doesn't work out, he can always fall back on comedy!

Watch the video posted by his cousin, @TabbyRodriguez:


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