Cardi B gives shout-out to 4-year-old fan in San Antonio

Jailah Guerrero calls herself Cardi B's biggest fan

SAN ANTONIO – Jailah Skye Guerrero is only 4 years old, but she's pretty confident she's Cardi B's biggest fan.

She loves the singer so much that her uncle Gilbert Alvarez created a Twitter account to post videos of his niece, hoping Cardi B would notice.

And she did.

Alvarez posted a video Thursday of Jailah asking Cardi B to pay a visit to San Antonio.

"Can you come play with me and dancing with me?" she asked the singer.

She ended the video with "I love you Cardi B."

A short time later, Cardi B responded on Twitter.

"Hey pretty girl!" Cardi posted and retweeted the video.

"It was a complete shock when she responded. I had literally posted it and 30 minutes later I noticed the message," Alvarez said.

Alvarez called his niece a dancing queen. He said she is a light to their family and gives them hope.

"She was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) a few months ago and is currently being treated with a miracle medicine, or what Jailah likes to call 'Muscle Juice,' in hopes to regain muscle in her body," Alvarez said.

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Being in a wheelchair doesn't keep Jailah from dancing. Alvarez has posted several videos of her twirling around while lip syncing her favorite songs.

Alvarez said Jailah hopes to be a cheerleader one day, and tells her family that even if she can't walk she will try her best to get up from her wheelchair.

"She doesn't walk... BUT She's born to be a dancer!!! This is what motivation looks like... There is nothing in the world that can stop her from achieving her dreams ✨ Her passion is dancing, and she makes the most out of it." Alvarez posted on Facebook about Jailah.

The proud uncle said he loves that he could help make his niece happy, and said he's appreciative of the support he's received from others online.

"There's been so many messages from different people it's overwhelming," Alvarez said.

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And now they have a new goal. Alvarez is hoping Jailah will one day be able to meet Cardi B in person.

Until then, she'll keep dancing.