KSAT Kids: Pre-K student’s idea reduces school’s waste; teens buy books for children

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Hello parents, teachers and students!

Are you all ready for spring break? Well, guess what, it’s right around the corner.

I know it’s been less than two months into 2020, but honestly, I’ve been really impressed. There’s a ton of good works going on, both at school and in the local community.

KSAT Kids recently covered a Pre-K student’s idea of replacing plastic silverware that has helped reduce a school’s waste, and spoke to some local high school students who created their very own public service campaigns. Well done!

We also visited two local middle schools -- one where a class is using STEM skills to compete in a nationwide rocket building contest and another that collected coins to buy new brand-new books for an elementary school. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, don’t ever underestimate what kids can accomplish.

KSAT meteorologist Kaiti Blake got an inside look at the Witte Museum’s new spring exhibit, and it’s really pretty neat. It’s designed to teach about the animals, plants, and ecosystems around them.

Lastly, don’t forget about our livestreams! KSAT still has its KANGAROO CAM of Omeo and Libby, two tree kangaroos at the San Antonio Zoo, and we now have a BALD EAGLE CAM live from Big Bear Valley. Click below to watch and keep scrolling for all the latest KSAT Kids content.

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WATCH: Bald Eagle Cam - Live from from Big Bear Valley

Bald Eagle Cam from Big Bear Valley - Hosted by friends of Big Bear Valley (KSAT)

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Here’s what can be found on KSAT Kids for Thursday, February 27:

Student showcase

Pre-K student’s idea to replace plastic silverware helps reduce school’s waste

The idea to reduce single-use plastic consumption at the Howard Early Childhood Center came from a former Pre-K student, Isaac Villarreal, after his first day of school.

A school in the Alamo Heights Independent School District has replaced all disposable silverware. (KSAT)

Meet 4 Smithson Valley High School students who are doing good for the community

From cancer and mental health awareness to recycling shoes, four students with Smithson Valley High School have started their own service campaigns for causes that are important to them.

Four Smithson Valley High School students have started service campaigns. (KSAT)

‘Pennies for Literacy’ campaign provides new books for HGMS students

Every student at Boone Elementary got to go home with a brand-new book, thanks to students at Hector Garcia Middle School. More than 100 Garcia students took part in the “Pennies for Literacy" campaign to raise enough change to buy the new books.

‘Pennies for Literacy’ campaign provides new books for HGMS students

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Local students build rockets, help promote STEM careers to younger peers

Building rockets and making them reach a certain altitude in a certain amount of time, all while competing against other students across the country, takes some work. The students at the Krueger School of Applied Technologies are putting that work in during and after school.

Local students build rockets, help promote STEM careers to younger peers

New Witte Museum exhibit will have you ready for spring

While the official start of spring isn’t until mid-March, a new exhibit open at the Witte Museum will have you all set for the new season. Backyard Adventures invites kids and adults to learn about the animals, plants and ecosystems in the world around them.

Next Gen: Port SA helps shape young tech talent of tomorrow

Port SA is looking forward, and in many cases that’s the youth and talent of tomorrow. From Tesla coils, the first personal computer, to real-time cyber threats across the world, students can find them all at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology.


How Santikos became San Antonio’s theater chain, and its plans for two new locations

You see the name on theaters across the Alamo City. Santikos is synonymous with movies and family entertainment. The Santikos origins in San Antonio date back to 1911 when Louis Santikos founded the company and soon opened his first theater.

(Santikos images) (KSAT)

Unique Texas town names: Bigfoot, Panna Maria

South Texas is known for its rich history and colorful past, elements that have led to some unique town names. Take Bigfoot for instance. The small community south of San Antonio was in fact, not named for the mythical creature.

How did Black History Month come to be?

Black History Month is now held every year to celebrate the achievements by African Americans. It’s also a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history.

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