‘Pennies for Literacy’ campaign provides new books for HGMS students

More than 100 GMS students took part in the campaign, school officials say

SAN ANTONIO – This week, every student at Boone Elementary got to go home with a brand-new book, thanks to the middle school students at Hector Garcia Middle School.

More than a hundred NISD Garcia Middle School students took part in the “Pennies for Literacy" campaign to raise enough change to buy the new books for the elementary students at Boone.

“I just feel blessed, cared (for) and ready to read,” said Jordan Hernandez, a third grader at Boone Elementary.

Hernandez is one of more than 500 students who received a free book on Tuesday.

More than a hundred students at Garcia Middle School partnered with “Give More HUGS” to promote literacy.

“Lauren Worrich, a ‘Give More HUGS’ student ambassador, she raised enough money along with our club members through ‘Pennies for Literacy’ to purchase a brand new book for every single student at Boone Elementary,” said Julie Minnis, Hector Garcia Middle School head counselor and Give More HUGS teacher ambassador.

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“All these kids are just so grateful,” said Lauren Worrich, an 8th grade student at Hector Garcia Middle School. “One of these kids got a Minecraft book. He was shaking, smiling ear-to ear. He’s so excited.”

Worrich and her classmates have been raising since October.

“We just wanted to show our love and appreciation for them,” said Hector Frausto, an 8th grade student at Hector Garcia Middle School. “We just want to share it with them."

”It’s so exciting, as you can see. There are so many smiles in our library," said Manuela Haberer, Boone Elementary principal. “And, our children are able to go home with their very own books. It fills all of our hearts.”

The Boone Elementary students are not only thankful for the new books, but they also want to “pay it forward.” So, they will also be raising money for the “Pennies for Literacy” project.

“They’re excited because they are actually getting to see what they are doing right now for their project with ‘Pennies for Literacy,’ what it looks like when you give back,” said Marisa Martinez, Boone Elementary 3rd grade teacher and Give More HUGS teacher ambassador. “They love books. We had a first grader come in and say, ‘This was the best day ever.’ So, this has been definitely one of the most memorable days that we’ve had.”

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