Iconic Winnie the Pooh bridge can be all yours; set to go up for auction

The ‘Poohsticks Bridge’ is expected to sell for about $80,000

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Are you a fan of Winnie the Pooh, and you just so happen to have $80,000 lying around?

If so, you could get your hands on a precious piece of history featured in the popular children’s books and shows.

On Wednesday, an auction will start in the United Kingdom for the original “Poohsticks Bridge” made famous by A.A. Milne’s books.

The bridge became an iconic landmark when Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh invented the game “Poohsticks” on it in the 1928 book “The House at Pooh Corner.”

Winnie the Pooh devised the game of Poohsticks by dropping a pine cone into a river from a bridge and watching it appear on the other side.

The bridge, which has appeared in other books featuring other characters such as Tigger and Eeyore, was built in Suffolk’s Ashdown Forest in 1907 and was known as the Posingford Bridge before being renamed the Poohsticks Bridge in 1979.

It was originally created to be a crossing over a river for horses, carts and pedestrians.

There have since been reconstruction projects on the bridge to make it sturdier for tourists who came to see it, most notably in 1999 with partial help from the Disney Corporation.

In the auction listing, Summers Place Auctions said the bridge has been “fully restored and reconstructed using local oak for any missing elements, with each piece numbered.”

The bridge is expected to fetch up to $81,300.

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