All-day awareness event highlights snoring dangers

KSAT 12 hosts sleep apnea awareness campaign Wednesday, call 210-351-1363

SAN ANTONIO – Snoring can do more than just leave your bed partner annoyed. Snoring can also signal the potential for sleep apnea.

KSAT 12 invited Dr. Shakil Khan, with University Medicine Associates, to listen in on three different clips of snores from three different people. Dr. Khan listened to the rhythm of each snore and noticed a difference in volume between the audio clips.

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Dr. Khan mentioned snoring is very common but habitual snoring may be something you don’t want to ignore.

“If they snore most of the night and it’s disturbing the sleep of the bed partner, so we consider it habitual snoring,” Dr. Khan explained.

Khan says 44 percent of men and 28 percent of women are habitual snorers but that’s not the only symptom people should be looking for.

"Snoring alone doesn't mean the patient has sleep apnea. It should be associated with other symptoms. And the symptoms of sleep apnea are feeling fatigued, tired, decrease in energy, poor concentration, and witnessed episodes of stopped breathing at night," Dr. Khan said.

Choking or gasping while you sleep is another symptom of sleep apnea. The sleep disorder can make other health conditions worse.

Join KSAT 12 for "Don’t Ignore The Snore" 

KSAT 12 will host a phone bank for viewers who may have questions about sleep apnea. Call 210-351-1363 Wednesday from 12- 7 p.m.

During KSAT 12’s Don’t Ignore The Snore campaign, viewers will be able to see how a sleep study is conducted, learn the impacts of sleep apnea in children, and learn about the risk factors associated with the sleep disorder.

KSAT 12’s Don’t Ignore The Snore campaign will start on Wednesday with stories in newscasts throughout the day.


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