Woman found shot to death in car knew alleged shooter

Court document details how murder suspect knew victim

SAN ANTONIO – New details have emerged as to how murder suspect Miguel Martinez knew Laura Carter, the woman who was found shot to death in her car.

A court document reveals that Martinez told police he had sold Carter heroin several times. The last sale was on Jan. 11, the day Carter was killed.

Carter had been shot several times in the head.

A witness reported seeing Martinez get into a white minivan with a blue decal shortly after the shooting.

Police found the getaway driver's number in Carter's cellphone.

The driver admitted to police that he picked up Martinez and was paid $500 to take him away from the scene of the crime.

The driver also told police that Martinez admitted to killing Carter. The driver said Martinez then demanded that the driver not tell anyone about the getaway ride.

Martinez is charged with murder and is jailed without bond.