Residents get first look at damage inside Agave Apartment complex after fire

Residents allowed in one at a time to see damage, make accommodation decisions

SAN ANTONIO – Residents got a first look at the damage inside the Agave Apartment complex along South St. Mary's in downtown after a massive fire Saturday. 

Management didn't want KSAT cameras in the building, but residents who are now allowed inside, have sent in images. They are being allowed in one at a time to survey the damage and make decisions about their future living situation.

The fire broke out just after 6 p.m. Saturday. Investigators believe an electrical issue started the blaze.

Alarms were still blaring in one resident's video, taken the day after the fire. The Agave's once bright hallways stood dark and charred. The video shows the fifth floor in Building 6, where the fire started. 

Chase Aycock, his wife and their two dogs live on the ground floor of that building. Saturday is now memorable for two reasons.

"It was our sixth wedding anniversary and we were going to go out afterwards, but I went for a run," Aycock said. 

When he came back, the building was on fire and his wife was still inside. 

"While she was in the shower the fire alarm started going off," he said.

She and the dogs got out before the smoke and water poured in, but everything else was left behind - including a big anniversary gift.

"I had bought a replacement wedding ring for my wife and I hadn't told her about it. It was in my drawer," Aycock said.

He was allowed to quickly run in the next day to grab it, and pulled off the big surprise. 

The apartment management didn't bring them in for a full tour until Tuesday. 

"We had an appointment set up. They walked through the apartment with us, so we could see our stuff and then they kind of talked about what we wanted to do, stay there or not. Then the insurance agents come in and walk through it with the residents," Aycock said.

They decided to move into a unit in a different building, that wasn't affected by the fire. It's a choice they say management is giving many people who live in Building 6.

"We were the first people to sign a new lease," he said, explaining the management offered them the same lease they had before. "We're happy with the way everything's been handled. 

While they moved in to their new apartment Tuesday, crews cleaned and repaired damaged roofs, hallways, and apartments. 

Other residents told KSAT their apartments weren't as badly damaged and they plan to move back in after repairs are done. Right now the Agave management is putting them up in hotels.

KSAT has asked management how long those repairs could take, and is still waiting to hear back.

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