Bexar County: Free Wi-Fi, interactive kiosks coming

Installation to begin in May

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BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – Bexar County residents and visitors will soon be connected to free Wi-Fi and kiosks after the county and Commissioners Court unanimously approved a pilot agreement with CIVIQ Smartscapes LLC.

Through the pilot program, six kiosks, purchased in October 2016, will deliver street-level communications technology that creates a public Wi-Fi and interactive kiosk network.

The kiosks will include dual 55-inch outdoor displays, dual touch screen, Wi-Fi and USB quick-charge capabilities.

“I’m very excited to announce these kiosks,” County Judge Nelson Wolff said. “These will provide easy access to county information and our places of interest, including our World Heritage sites. This is another step in the county’s efforts in building a vibrant urban environment and expanding wireless technology for Bexar County residents and visitors.”

County officials said one of the kiosks will be placed at BiblioTech South on Pleasanton Road and another at the Tax Assessor-Collector's Office at the Vista Verde building off Martin Street.

The other four will be placed at county facilities and will provide free hot spots that will reach from 150-250 feet.

The kiosks will provide information about upcoming events, county exhibits and BiblioTech, as well as display information about geographic points of interest such as the parks, libraries and other county facilities.

Officials said installation of the kiosks will begin in May.

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