Proposed development near Cibolo Creek in Boerne worries some residents

17 Herff site plan shows housing, shops, restaurants

BOERNE, Texas – Fast growth in the small town of Boerne is fueling heated words from people who say the town is not growing in a way that is representative of its long history.

Kendall County, home to the city of Boerne, recently made headlines as the second faster-growing county in the U.S.

Population was up more than 5 percent from 2015-16, according to a news release.

But for some, the growth is too much too fast.

The city of Boerne is already expecting a new City Hall and a new Buc-ee's on the southern edge off Interstate 10. A new mixed-use development at 17 Herff Road could soon be added to the list.

"Development is sort of getting out of control in the minds of many of us old timers up here," Boerne resident Bob Vollmer said. The Boerne resident since 1980 has expressed his opposition of the Herff Road development to the people who will ultimately make the decision about whether or not it gets the green light.

"Our City Council controls the zoning. The zoning controls the development. If the city council denies this request for permanent zoning, they have to go back and start over with another proposal," Vollmer said. 

Boerne's Deputy City Manager and Economic Development Director Jeff Thompson said the Weitzman Group owns the nearly 27 acres of land between Cibolo Creek and the Cibolo Nature Center. The site plan details housing, retail shops and restaurants for the area, which could pose environmental concerns.

"It is directly across from our city park, so obviously, the city has a vested interest in what goes there and not damaging the environment," Thompson said.

Charlie Riddle with the Weitzman Group believes that no matter what, the land will be developed in the future. He asks that people look into what they're trying to do with the project before passing judgment.

The next official action before City Council about 17 Herff, as it's called for short, takes place April 11.