Tall man's funny business card going viral

No, he does not play basketball

Twitter photo

One man’s business card is trending on Twitter after a stranger asked him how tall he is.

The card doesn’t have a name, but it does list the mystery man’s height as 6 feet 10 inches. 

According to the card, and several comments on the tweet’s thread, getting asked if you play basketball is common for people who are tall.

The full card reads:

Yes I am tall

I am 6’10’’

(No I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall)

No, I do not play basketball

I play volleyball

Yes, Seeing the tops of everyones head is weird

Yes, The weather is nice up here

This has been a great conversation 

The photo was posted to Twitter Tuesday, but it also appears to have been posted to Reddit nine months ago.

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There is no word on who actually met the tall stranger but he seems to be a fan of red Powerade and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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