‘Monster': Parents react to arrest of man accused of killing 3-year-old boy

Eric Trevino, 22, arrested, facing murder charge

SAN ANTONIO – When Rene Blancas Sr. saw the images of Eric Trevino, 22, being escorted in handcuffs by San Antonio police he knew he could not forget the face.

Arrest made in connection to shooting death of boy

“A monster,” he said.

Blancas helped police put together a sketch of the person who he remembered shot into his vehicle on Nov. 5, killing his sleeping 3-year-old son, Rene Blancas Jr.

Hundreds attend vigil for 3-year-old boy killed in highway shooting

“It's a face I don’t even want to remember. It’s stuck in my head now, knowing this monster shot and killed my boy,” he said.

He and his wife said they are a filled with emotions of anger, pain and sadness.

“I’m happy they caught him, but I’m angry. I want to know why and why are you going to deny it,” Melanie Santos said.

She would like to understand how a person can go nearly two months and not turn themselves in.

Blancas Jr. was riding in his family's car on Nov. 4 when someone fired a shot at the car at Briggs Avenue and New Laredo Highway, striking the boy, police said.

The victim's sister was sitting next to him, but she wasn't hurt, police said. The child was killed just days before his fourth birthday.

Police said they have strong evidence against Trevino thanks to a tip, even though the murder weapon has not been located.

Shots fired at car on highway hit, killing child days shy of 4th birthday

The family said it’s going to be a rough holiday season, but they have a 1-year-old daughter, Kylie Rose, and they have to remain strong for her.

The family shared photos and images they look at frequently to cope with their loss. Kylie Rose also misses her big brother and laughs at videos of him dancing.

“I don’t even know how to describe the feeling right now,” Blancas said. “I’m not excited. I’m not happy knowing that I have to see that man's face and pan over and look at my son's ashes. I wish we didn’t have to be going through this at all. I just want my boy back.”

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