San Antonio mom's hilarious Animoji fail makes national headlines

Watch video of local mom's Animoji fail


SAN ANTONIO – A tweet from one San Antonio girl has taken off on social media with more than 141,000 shares and 6.65 million views in less than one week.

The tweet is a short Animoji video the girl’s mother sent to her sister.

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The talking unicorn is an animation of the mother’s face, telling her daughter she’ll be home after she grabs some food at Chick-fil-A.

The video was picked up by HLN, a national news network.

Just a heads-up -- there’s an R-rated word at the end.

Watch the Animoji video below:

After finding out the video went viral, the mom made a follow-up Animoji video.

Spoiler: She’s still got the cough.

The tweet made national headlines:

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