Shops at La Cantera now allows visitors to drink alcohol while shopping

Visitors can buy beer, wine at two establishments and take them to go

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SAN ANTONIO – Less than seven months after The Shops of La Cantera announced pets will be allowed in all mall common areas, a new policy will now permit visitors to drink alcoholic beverages while they shop.

Brian Schroeder, senior general manager at The Shops of La Cantera, told the policy has been in effect since the summer but the mall was waiting to publicly share the news until its new vendor, Tiny Cantina, settled into its new location.

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"We have two establishments (Luciano and Tiny Cantina) here at The Shops of La Cantera that are able to sell beer and wine to their and our customers in plastic cups," Schroeder said. "They can take the cup of beer and wine throughout the property while they shop."

Because Luciano and Tiny Cantina both have a beer and wine permit, Schroeder said the new policy is authorized by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

"We look at it as a 'sip and shop' activity that we can provide for our customers. It's just another way to make sure people can have a great experience while they are here," Schroeder said.

Those who choose to 'sip and shop' will have to be mindful of stores that do not allow customers to walk in with drinks. Schroeder, however, said the vast majority of stores will gladly welcome them in.

The Shops of La Cantera provides 24-hour security, which will constantly monitor any violations under the policy.

Schroeder said the mall management also provided wristbands to the two establishments, a requirement for customers if they wish to take their drinks with them.

"(It also helps) our security to regulate if they have been carded," Schroeder said.

Schroeder said that, since tourists and locals are able to stroll down the River Walk with a drink in their hand, it just made sense for The Shops at La Cantera to join in on the unique experience.

"By the nature of the shopping center being kind of a resort-type property, we felt our customers would appreciate being able to enjoy a cup of beer or glass of wine as they are here to shop," Schroeder said.

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