What’s Up South Texas!: Girl turns being bullied into passion for roller derby

SAN ANTONIO – Being bullied has always had a major impact on one San Antonio 14-year-old, which is why she has transformed her life from being a victim to being a confident roller derby athlete.

“Roller derby is a high contact sport on wheels,” said Brenna Schrade. “Most people describe it as football on wheels but without the ball.”

Schrade’s journey with the sport started with her experience in public school.

“I used to go to public schools, where I used to get bullied by other people,” Schrade said. “Everyone wanted to be alike, and that is not me. It started in the first and second grade, where other kids would just sit there and call me names because I didn’t look like everyone. I was also very good at schoolwork. There was this one girl that would just pick on me and pick on me and pick on me, and the teachers really didn’t do anything about it.”

That bullying began to take its toll on Schrade.

“I wasn’t very happy,” Schrade said. “It wasn’t very fun. Didn’t really have anything to do because I am sitting there constantly thinking about what happened at school and how I don’t want to go back.”

She said one day, she had enough.

“One of them walked passed me and said, ‘Ew, shoot it,’ and that was not OK,” Schrade said. “I don’t think anyone should be treated like that. You don’t know what people are going through. They may be going through something very difficult that you have no idea about, and saying that one thing can make somebody snap and they don’t want to be here anymore.”

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