Hill Country couple shares video of giant redheaded centipede outside bedroom

Redheaded centipede spotted at Lakehills home near Medina Lake

LAKEHILLS, Texas – A couple in the Hill Country got a frightening, unwanted visit from one of the creepiest creatures in Texas after heavy rain hit the area this past weekend.

Lisa Lopez and Ryan Koenig were greeted Sunday morning by a giant Texas redheaded centipede outside their bedroom window.

Lopez told KSAT that the couple lives in Lakehills near Medina Lake.

She said they killed the centipede and measured it at 7 inches long. 

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, a Texas redheaded centipede can reach 8 inches in length in the wild, and it can get even bigger in captivity.

The department said the centipede has been recorded preying on invertebrates and even a variety of small vertebrates, including rodents, snakes, lizards and toads. 

Despite its appearance, a bite from a giant redheaded centipede is usually rather mild. Its considered venomous, but not deadly.

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A person stung by one gets a sharp, painful sting that can be accompanied by swelling.

In some cases, the bite can cause more damage.

According to the department, the Texas redheaded centipedes are usually found under logs, rocks or leaf litter.

The centipedes are also commonly seen in the Texas Hill Country.

Lopez posted a video of the centipede on her Facebook page, with the caption, “It needs to stop raining so the exterminator can come spray or I’m going to have new house pets.”

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