Out-of-control truck came 'within inches' of hurting someone, San Antonio police say

Driver who ran into W. Drexel building has no memory of what happened

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SAN ANTONIO – An out-of-control pickup truck that slammed into an apartment building south of downtown San Antonio Wednesday morning caused damage to that structure and came close to hitting people.

The driver, according to San Antonio police, suffered some sort of medical episode behind the wheel as he headed home from work.

His truck jumped a curb, plowed through three yards and knocked down a wrought iron fence before hitting the building.

"He came within inches from hurting somebody," Sgt. Jose Garay said. "The way things played out, nobody's hurt."

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Paramedics, however, did load the driver into an ambulance.

Garay said the man was complaining of cramps in his legs, as well as a bit of a memory block.

"I'm not sure what led to it, but he doesn't remember how he ended up here or that he was involved in a crash," he said.

The truck came to a stop right outside the living room window of a woman who spoke to KSAT but who did not want to be identified.

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She said she was getting ready for work when she heard a commotion outside shortly before 8 a.m.

"I was about to leave, then I heard a loud boom! I was like, 'Oh my goodness. What was that?'," she said. "I peek out the window and I see all this smoke, all white. And I'm, like, freaking out."

The neighbor said it wasn’t until she stepped outside that she realized there was a truck in the middle of all that smoke with the driver still inside.

A passerby helped him get out of the pickup, then paramedics checked him out when they arrived.

The building was left with some exterior damage.

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The truck knocked down a few pillars on the porch and opened up a small hole on the front of the building.

Inside her apartment, she said, there was no damage at all.

She said she didn’t have much inside her home because she had just moved in less than two weeks ago.

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