Business owners on Broadway Street seek further protection following acts of vandalism

Several gun-toting groups walked in front of businesses who asked for protection

San Antonio business owners taking extra precautions amid daily protests
San Antonio business owners taking extra precautions amid daily protests

SAN ANTONIO – Several businesses along Broadway Street have kept the windows boarded up after last weekend’s acts of vandalism during overnight protests.

“We work hard for our businesses and for someone to take it away from us in a second is just not right,” said Linda Wickwire, owner of the Alamo Antique Mall.

Wickwire has had her business in the area for over 30 years and said it did not sustain any damage last weekend. However, she worries it could still happen.

Wickwire said she and other businesses wanted to take extra safety precautions, but was aware San Antonio police are busier than normal.

“They don’t have time to sit here and just protect my store or my block,” she said.

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Wickwire said she was approached by a group called “Old Raggid First,” last Saturday. She asked them to stop and protect her business, as others were broken in to.

The group is described as one of the “first Texas Militias” but one man said their main objective is to keep people and property safe.

“People ask for our help. We come and help them. That’s what Americans do — we help each other,” said group member, Mike.

Mike said he reached out to Wickwire and asked if she or any businesses in the area needed safeguarding over the weekend.

He said they will not walk in front of any businesses that did not ask for their help, but they will be in the area if they are needed.

The group said they will first notify San Antonio police if they encounter a problem, but they are not there to cause conflict.

"We’re not here to intimate anyone. We’re just here to have a visual deterrent. No more. No less.”

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