Business booming for cleaning companies during COVID-19 pandemic

'You wanna take care of your people anytime. This is the time to do it.'

SAN ANTONIO – Shawn Phillips, owner of Texas Muscle and Fitness, said he’s spending a lot more money on cleaning supplies and materials since he re-opened a few weeks ago.

“We’re doing the best to keep it clean,” he said.

On Friday, God Save the Clean LL was hired to drop by for a high-level electrostatic disinfection of the gym.

“You wanna take care of your people anytime,” Phillips said. “This is the time to do it. Invest in your employees, invest in the people that come in and out of your store.”

Julio Munoz, one of the cleaning company owners, said the company has been busy with requests from bars, restaurants and gyms since the state reopened. The company started in 2017, but in March, they doubled business clients and cleaning crews.

Munoz warns that many novel companies are trying to ride the coat tail of the pandemic. His partner, Ricardo Hernandez, said customers should do their homework about the type of cleaning supplies and materials that will be used before they agree to hire a cleaning company.

“Is the material approved by the CDC? Is it biodegradable? Is there a health risk for employees? Or if there’s food around, or is it bad for surfaces where we put our ice baskets,” Hernandez said.

Munoz and Hernandez urge potential customers to check to see if the company is registered with the state and if it has insurance. They say any company that guarantees that a surface will remain clean for days is likely false.

“You gotta be careful because there are companies out there that will say we guarantee you this for 60 days and will triple the cost. There is no guarantee for this. As soon as there’s foot traffic in that location, that’s another possible cause for infection rate again,” Munoz said.

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