Activist skeptical of any promises made by Bexar County DA’s Office to protest organizers

Two weeks later, Kimiya Factory says her meeting with the Bexar County DA still hasn't happened

SAN ANTONIO – A meeting over the deaths of three men, each shot by San Antonio police, has not taken place as expected.

In a KSAT town hall over policing and race, Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales invited local activist Kimiya Factory to a sit down meeting to discuss why he chose not to reopen the cases of Marquis Jones, Charles Roundtree and Antronie Scott. Two weeks later, that meeting has not happened.

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Gonzales said in a statement to KSAT that he has not had the opportunity to meet with Factory on the specific issue. According to Gonzales, he is not reopening the cases because after reviewing the cases multiple times, he found the actions of the officers to be immediately necessary in each case.

“During KSAT’s Town Hall, I listened to Ms. Factory’s concerns about those cases and extended an invitation for her to meet with me to discuss them,” Gonzales wrote in a statement to KSAT. “Although I have met with Ms. Factory previously on another issue, I have not had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Factory in person on these issues. I believe that we have opened a very important dialogue and that continuing to engage with community representatives, advocates and leaders is critical if we are to move the conversation forward in a productive way.”

Additionally, Gonzales said he has been meeting with other community groups on the issues Factory has presented and has also met with groups on larger issues of criminal justice reform. Gonzales has maintained that he will keep an open mind to possibly reopen the cases of the three men shot by San Antonio police officers if new evidence is introduced.

Factory said during the town hall panel that Gonzales had no intention of reopening the cases of the three men shot by San Antonio police. She also said she has not been contacted by the Gonzales’ office to discuss the cases or have any meeting ever.

“I would say that District Attorney Joe Gonzales and I have not met on any issues before —in person or virtually,” Factory wrote in a statement to KSAT. “I have not been contacted. The diversion to his meeting with other community activists and the ‘meaningful dialogue’ that has been allegedly had, still does not address the specificity that re-opening the cases of Charles Roundtree, Marquis Jones and Antronie Scott require.”

Factory said she is now skeptical of any and all promises made by Gonzales’ office.

“I am critical and skeptical of promises made by his office for activists moving forward —until justice is had for the black families in this city who have lost loved ones, I’m unsure of how far dialogue might get us,” Factory wrote.

Factory says she does not plan on reaching out to the DA’s office because he offered first.

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