Despite promises from management, electrical problems persist at Southeast Side apartment

Spanish Spur tenants say complex still being powered by generators

Spanish Spur Apartment residents say they are disappointed but not surprised that electrical issues that the property manager said would be resolved in a few days have not been solved.

SAN ANTONIO – Tenants at the Spanish Spur apartment complex said they are disappointed but not surprised with an ongoing electrical issue that the property manager said would be resolved in a few days.

On Tuesday, we visited the complex and found large generators powering many of the units. Friday, those generators are still there and residents are sounding off again.

“It’s frustrating,” said Joshua Ahlgren.

Ahlgren sayid he and his neighbors are in the same predicament they were in earlier this week.

“No one’s come to check on them (generators), gas or at least you know, I don’t know if they ever run out of fuel, but basically they just abandon everything,” Ahlgren said.

Since then, property manager Angel Menjivar admitted one of the generators went out again.

“The company that we hired to do the diesel generators. They forgot to come in yesterday and refuel the generator, so it went out yesterday,” Menjivar said.

Menjivar also admitted residents didn’t have consistent hot water for the past few months. Though that’s been blamed on thieves stealing boilers, one tenant who doesn’t want to be identified says the mound of issues have him concerned for his family.

Menjivar, who on Tuesday estimated a three-day time frame for the electrical repairs, offered a different response Friday.

“You would have to go in and reach out to corporate office,” Menjivar said.

We reached out to the complex owner, who said she estimated the repairs were estimated to cost about $30,000, but didn’t provide a new time frame on when they will be completed.

CPS Energy is now stepping in to offer a hand. Officials said though the issues are not needed on their end, they want customers to call for help with groceries, or whatever they may need at 210-353-2222.