Let your kid’s imagination run free, experts say

A new study explains why “pretend” play is so important for a child’s development

Parents of young children know what it’s like to play “pretend.” But now, experts are saying it is more important than ever for kids to let their imagination run free.

They say playtime is not only fun for kids, but it’s essential for their growth.

According to Good Housekeeping, playing “pretend” is extremely beneficial for your kids.

Pediatricians say a child’s imaginative and creative play is essential for their social, emotional and cognitive development. Playing “pretend” can teach them self-control, self-regulation and can increase their concentration.

It can also help them deal with times of crisis and stress later on in life.

Experts say there are ways for parents to support pretend play and use it to help gauge their children’s emotions.

Child psychologists say if you engage in pretend play with your child and notice recurring themes of violence, aggression or inappropriate content, it may be caused by underlying situations. If you have more questions about your child’s developmental behavior, talk to your pediatrician.