Here’s why Millennials and Gen Zers are filling homes with plants

House plant popularity blooming in younger generations

SAN ANTONIO – Pothos, philodendren and succulents are beginning to fill the apartments, patios and living rooms of more Millenials and Gen Zers.

Just check out the hashtags on Instagram: #plantsofinstagram, #urbanjungle, #plantsmakepeoplehappy.

In San Antonio over the past couple of years house plant businesses have popped up like Tillage Plants on the East Side, Burgeon Plant Company in Southtown as well as Plant Parenthood, one that grows everything locally and has pop up sales around town.

So why the house plant popularity?

There are several theories, but one theory believes Millennials and Gen Zers are “waiting longer to start families or are choosing to not have children and that the younger generations may prefer this flexible lifestyle. Leaving house plants as a way to fulfill the innate human need to nurture.”

The theory may seem far fetched, but other reasons could be the physical and mental benefits house plants bring to a home, especially during a pandemic with more people staying at home and feeling stressed and anxiety.

The National Institutes of Health says research has shown interacting with house plants can lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system and promote a general feeling of well being.

Houseplants require watering, pruning, repotting, cleaning, and many people find these practices relaxing because they require us to take a break from our digital overload, slow down and carefully tend to something.

To learn how to best take care of your house plants it’s best to buy locally and talk to the businesses local growers about watering and care.

You could also join a social media group community that shares tips.

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