Enjoy ‘Nutcracker: Under the Stars’ live performance from the comfort of your vehicle

First and only drive-thru show of the Nutcracker in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – For some, watching “The Nutcracker” is a holiday tradition.

But with the coronavirus pandemic canceling events throughout the year, many didn’t think watching a live performance was possible.

Thankfully, the San Antonio Ballet School took on that challenge and created the first and only drive-thru, virtual performance of “The Nutcracker: Under the Stars”.

Owner of the ballet school, Danielle Campbell Steans, said the idea was months in the making.

“You can literally drive up in your car, stay in your car the whole entire time,” Steans said. “You can shop at our nutcracker boutique online from the inside of your car and drive home. Still have some of the Christmas cheer and spirit and be entertained.”

The live performance will be projected onto a movie screen, making the entire event contactless. It will feature an all-youth cast of children between the ages of five to 17.

Steans said they’ve adjusted well to all the COVID-19 safety protocols.

“Children are resilient and so I have been impressed with how hard they have worked and how they’ve made the adjustment,” Steans said.

And it’s not just for fun, but also to raise money for their outreach program: Dance Reach.

“We go into title 1 campuses and teach free, low cost tuition ballet classes weekly,” Steans said, “And we want to be able to continue that program. Proceeds from the ticket sales fund that program.”

Steans said the way you attend the show will be different, but the joy it brings will be the same.

“I am hoping that this concept really takes off and it’s something we can use over and over again. And that the community will accept it and embrace it,” Steans said.

For more information and tickets for “Nutcracker: Under the Stars,” click here.

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