San Antonio nurse practitioner working to return to normal life after 56-day coma

Justin Vine hospitalized on June 30 after testing positive for COVID-19

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio nurse practitioner Justin Vine continues to show improvement after being released from the hospital, where he was in a medically induced coma for 56 days following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Vine was hospitalized on June 30 after testing positive for COVID-19. He was then placed on a ventilator, given a plasma donation and Remdesivir while he was in the hospital.

Vine’s health improved, and he was released from the hospital on Oct. 2.

San Antonio pediatric nurse practitioner back home after battling COVID-19 for months in hospital

“My wife is so strong having to go through that -- 56 days of not being able to see me or be able to even talk or even really know fully what’s going on,” Vine said.

For now, he is taking pain-relieving medication for his feet and hands.

“I have a brace on my foot. The feeling has not come back there yet,” Vine said.

Vine said every day gets better. After only a few weeks home, he began working again, doing telemedicine.

“I can tell I’m still getting stronger and stronger every day,” he said.

Vine said he couldn’t stay away from his work for too long.

“I had the desire to go back, even while I was in the hospital. I enjoy taking care of my patients. I enjoy being at the office,” he said.

Vine will soon be back at the office. He was cleared to return in January.

Slowly, he is beginning to do things he loves, including dancing with the love of his life.

Vine said he is looking forward to getting back to a routine.

“Leaving the house, coming back kind of thing, and also -- simple as driving my car,” Vine said.

As the year comes to an end, Vine reflects on everything he’s been through.

“This may be the last holiday that you have to be encouraged to stay home away from people and away from your families and the ones that you love, and if you can hold off -- hold off a little bit longer -- then it’ll be worth it,” Vine said.

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