Hispanic attorney, lobbyist with San Antonio roots calls for unity during transition

The La Prensa Texas team interviews Raul R. Tapia

Hispanic attorney, lobbyist with San Antonio roots calls for unity ahead of inauguration

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A prominent Hispanic attorney with San Antonio roots is calling for unity in the U.S. as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris take office.

On the eve of Inauguration Day, digital journalists from La Prensa Texas (partnering with KSAT) interviewed Raul R. Tapia, who also works closely with congressional leaders as a lobbyist.

Tapia’s mother was an immigrant from Mexico who came to the states with her sisters for a better life. They settled in Taft, Texas, and would often come to San Antonio for fun.

When Tapia grew up and became a businessman, he built a television station in San Antonio and served as the chairman, president and founder of Republic Communications.

“I have a great affection for San Antonio. I go back there quite a bit. Given the current circumstances, I have not been there lately, but I look forward to my next visit,” he told La Prensa Texas.

Tapia has since met with heads of state and worked with leaders on legislative action in DC. He says different communities must unify to work against discrimination.

“I think our power as a community comes from coalition. I think the Latino community is against hate, against intolerance, against discrimination. We’re not the only community that feels that way. We should coalesce with the Asian-American community. We should coalesce with the African-American community,” he said. “Power comes from concerted effort, collective action. We don’t do it by ourselves. We will do it in coalition with other communities, and that is the winning strategy.”

Tapia is calling for unity among Americans for a better tomorrow.

“I believe that reasonable people, men and women, should be able to come together and do what is best for this country. That has always been my philosophy. I believe that you can work across the aisle. I’m old school in that. I understand that,” Tapia said.

Are we going through tough times right now? Yes, we are, but we have gone through tough times before and this country survives it,” Tapia concluded.

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