SAWS: Most areas in San Antonio have water restored

Although water may be restored, many households are still under a boil notice


SAN ANTONIO – Most areas in the city of San Antonio have had their water restored, according to the San Antonio Water System. Officials continued to add parts of the city to the service restoration map on Sunday.

SAWS announced Sunday morning that 98% of households have had their water restored, but a few areas still remain without water in the far North and Northwest Sides of town. As of 3:20 p.m. on Sunday, residents in the castle hills are have had their water service restored.

A map of the current water outages is listed below. You can also view the map by clicking here and searching for your address.

Although water may be restored in most areas of the city, there are still plenty of areas that still fall under the active boil water notice that SAWS enacted last week.

The notice means residents must boil the tap water if they intend to consume it. As of Saturday, some households are no longer under the boil notice.

To see if you are still under the notice, view the map below, provided by SAWS. Those in the green zone are no longer under the boil notice.

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Customers that are still under the boil notice may not have a lack of water, but have a lack of pressure.

CEO Robert Puente said Saturday night during a city briefing that he estimates most of these issues will be resolved by Monday. For more information, visit SAWS’ website here.

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