A children’s emergency room vs. adult emergency room, what’s the difference?

Why the location may make a big difference in care your child receives

SAN ANTONIO – If you need to rush your child to the hospital, you shouldn’t take them to a normal emergency room. Going to a children’s emergency room is highly recommended.

Dr. Jendi Haug, a pediatric physician with the Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, says the doctors at a children’s hospital simply know how to treat kids.

“For instance, a baby with a fever needs much more interventions than an adult who maybe has the same fever and same illness. So there’s a lot of different considerations. So it’s definitely safer to take your child to a pediatric E.R. and I highly recommend it,” Dr. Haug said.

She also said the doctors at a children’s hospital know how to respond to a kid’s emotions, as well.

“You have to understand a child’s coping skills and their emotions. At a children’s hospital with everyone that works there, from the respiratory therapist to the physicians to the nurses, the techs, everyone has been specially trained to deal just with children,” Dr. Haug said.

Dr. Haug also says every parent should know where the nearest children’s emergency room is and to have a route planned in case of emergency.


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