Man accused of inappropriately filming women at San Antonio business believed to be ‘habitual offender,’ police say

Police say suspect possibly has more ‘victims not yet known to police’

Taymar Antonio-Elijah Jordan-Hamilton, 20, was charged with invasive visual recording, Bexar County Jail records show. (Bexar County Jail)

SAN ANTONIO – A man accused of inappropriately filming women at area businesses is believed to be a habitual offender, and there is a possibility of more victims, according to San Antonio police.

Taymar Antonio-Elijah Jordan-Hamilton, 20, was charged with invasive visual recording following an incident that happened on July 23 at an area IHOP, Bexar County records show.

San Antonio police said a male and female couple went to the restaurant around 3:20 a.m. and saw Jordan-Hamilton in the parking lot.

He told them the restaurant was closed, police said, but the couple continued inside the restaurant. They went to the restroom before going to a table, the affidavit states.

Once inside the restroom, the woman saw a hand underneath the bathroom stall door, holding a cell phone with the camera pointed up.

She screamed “what the f***” and the person recording her ran out of the restroom, police said. The woman told her spouse what happened, and the man confronted the suspect.

Jordan-Hamilton apologized and told them he was trying to clean the restroom, police said. It’s unclear from the affidavit whether he was an employee or a customer; a call has been placed and this story will be updated when we hear back.

The couple contacted the night manager, and the woman’s spouse asked the suspect for his phone or he would call the police.

“The witness then stated that the defendant began apologizing and was pleading for the witness not to call the police because he did not want to go to jail,” the affidavit states. Surveillance footage captured the suspect on his knees pleading with the man, according to SAPD.

The night manager was able to persuade the suspect to hand her the phone. When the manager looked through his photo gallery, Jordan-Hamilton “forcefully grabbed his cell phone,” left the restaurant and drove off in his vehicle, police said.

The witnesses were able to capture his license plate number, which was connected with a separate, similar incident that happened on May 30 at a Walmart on Austin Highway.

In that incident, police said Jordan-Hamilton was seen on surveillance footage “sneaking up behind” a 51-year-old woman and her young son.

He stuck his hand under her dress while holding a cell phone with the camera pointed upward, police said. Surveillance footage captured him leaving the store and driving off in a vehicle with the same license plate as the IHOP incident.

Police said the Walmart incident is still under investigation pending results from a search warrant for his Apple iCloud storage.

During questioning, investigators said he mentioned another incident where he dropped his cellphone near a woman and was confronted by her husband.

The affidavit states that investigators “believe this to be another, not yet identified victim.”

Police said Jordan-Hamilton is believed to be “a habitual offender of this type of offense and there may be victims not yet known to police yet memorialized in the defendant’s iCloud account photo storage.”

Bexar County Jail records show that he has only been charged with one count of invasive visual recording. He was arrested on Tuesday and his bond was set at $20,000.

SAPD public information officer Jennifer Saucedo Rodriguez said anyone who believes they are a victim could call the SAPD Vice Office at 210-207-2370.

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