New company at Port San Antonio explores technology to create water out of thin air

Genesis Systems brings tech designed to help solve global water scarcity

What if there was a way to get water right out of the moisture in the atmosphere?

SAN ANTONIO – All around the world we see natural disasters leave communities without safe running water. We see it now in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and we saw during the winter freeze San Antonio. But what if there was a way to get water right out of the moisture in the atmosphere?

That is the basis of Genesis Systems.

The plan is “to solve global water scarcity in a sustainable manner,” Neil Allen, Genesis Systems COO said of the company’s mission.

Allen is an Air Force veteran and is leading a company that is trying to help people around the world thanks to biomimicry.

“Water evaporates and turns into clouds, condenses, and rains back down onto the earth and then is captured either in groundwater or down in the aquifers. This is the hydraulic cycle,” Allen said.

It may seem complicated – because it is – but Allen explains how it works.

“Our process basically strips the water or the moisture out of the air. And, as we go through the process, we are actually distilling the water,” Allen said.

And this new process is coming to Port San Antonio.

“We see Port San Antonio as an amazing place for us to unveil this technology that we believe will change the world, hopefully sooner than later,” Allen said.

Genesis Systems could help so many people around the world and as well as here. The idea of Genesis Systems working at Port SA is that it will help foster growth in both science, and in education.

“We’re not just bringing the technology here and showing it off. We are putting this in a park like setting,” Jim Perschbach, president and CEO of Port SA said.

The idea is to get local students and schools involved.

“We’re going to be working with SAMSAT and working with the schools. The kids are coming in, working on water, resilience, sustainability and environmental programs right next to the scientists who are doing the research on the technology,” Perschbach said.

This is part of the growth of the port, one which is a hub of technology and science in our area.

“Who knows? Maybe the kids will develop the next technology that takes us to the next level,” Perschbach said.

You can find more info on Genesis Systems by clicking here.

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