Ask Angi: How to get a headstart on home improvement projects

The winter season can be a great time to tackle indoor projects

These tips from Ask Angi will help you figure out which home improvement projects to take on first.

“It may seem like winter is the time to put all home projects on hold, but there is actually a lot you can get done right now”, says Bailey Carson, a home care expert from Angi.

“If a deck or patio is on your list for next spring and summer, go ahead and find your pros now, start the planning process and get a head start. Also, you might find some off-season deals if you go ahead and hire your pro now.”

Carson says if you are thinking about fixing any foundation issues or building an addition, consider starting while the temperatures are still low. The frozen ground and dry air in winter are easier to deal with than the higher humidity or wet soil of spring or summer. Getting your project done faster means you are spending less on labor costs.

She adds, “Winter can be a great time for indoor projects. Think about any interior home painting you might want done or indoor room remodels. If interior painting is on your list, it’s an excellent time because there’s no humidity that is often in the spring or summer, and so the paint dries more evenly. Additionally for room remodels, demand is lower in the winter. Particularly, in materials, you might find some savings.”

As you look beyond winter to prepare for projects in the spring, pencil in building a deck or patio, installing new windows and adding insulation. The soft ground will make it easier to build your deck or patio and you can have it ready to enjoy all summer long. Windows are popular in the summer so; get ahead by booking them for the spring when it will also be more comfortable for the pros who have to work outside.

“Once it warms up, think about any fireplace and furnace repairs. You’re likely not to need these during the warmer months, but they’ll be in perfect condition when it gets colder, and you’ll be ready to go; additionally, if you’re thinking about any major renovations, try syncing them up with your summer vacation. This way, you’ll get a break from living in the mess, and you’ll come back to a newly remodeled home.”

Fall will be a great time to get good deals on landscaping services, since peak season will have already passed. The cooler temperatures and moist soil are great for planting, and you can start winterizing your outdoor spaces at the same time. Also consider replacing appliances around Labor Day and Black Friday sales.

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