Bexar County district attorney wants to destroy guns used in criminal cases; judges say that gets complicated

Bexar County judges rule on motions to destroy guns that are filed by prosecutors

SAN ANTONIO – A recent initiative by Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales to curb gun violence is not one that judges can easily rule on.

In a recent county press conference, Gonzales announced that he would have all prosecutors file motions to destroy a gun that was used in a prosecuted case.

The actual initiative is not something new in Bexar County.

“The district attorney’s office has always had the ability to file whatever motions they want. It isn’t new,” said 379th District Court Judge Ron Rangel.

Rangel also further explained it’s not so easy to rule on these types of cases.

“If there’s an issue where the parties do not agree, then that particular judge will just look at the case and decide what is fair,” Rangel said.

The issue of community safety is of main concern and must be considered in all cases where such a motion is filed.

“We want to make sure that we keep folks safe, and that’s what judges are concerned about,” Rangel said.

Rangel said after a gun is motioned to be destroyed, it usually gets handed to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for destruction.


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