A letter from GMSA anchors to town of Uvalde on first day of school

Tuesday marks the first day back at school for Uvalde CISD school district

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It’s the first day of school for students, teachers and staff in Uvalde and we want you to know that you are all in our hearts and in our prayers.

We watched as your community survived through the unimaginable and we’ve seen your incredible resilience to this day. On the afternoon of May 24, like many other parents who were following what was happening to you on TV and on social media, I went to pick up my child from school. And, like many other parents on that afternoon, I kissed my daughter and hugged her so tight. At the same time, my heart was heavy, knowing that many parents in Uvalde would not get to have this moment with their children ever again.

You have been in our thoughts and prayers all summer and a few weeks ago, as I walked my daughter back to school for the start of her school year I thought about you -- Uvalde -- again. While my daughter and I had the usual “first day of school” nervousness, I was thinking of you, knowing you would be going through so much more as your community heads back to school. Today again, you are in our hearts, our prayers and our thoughts on your first day back to school. And, as we continue to cover your stories of resilience and hope, just know we are wishing you a school year of peace and healing and we know you will remain “Uvalde Strong.”

-Stephanie Serna


Good morning, Mark Austin here. I’m a dad, but have usually kept being a father pretty private. With my job, and in an age where almost everything is shared online, I’ve always held a little bit back to keep for myself.

Naturally, being a dad changed my worldview as a journalist. I vividly remember the absolute heartbreak of the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. I picked up my young son from school and later that day I just shattered. We do our level best to set aside emotion as journalists and that’s especially true during live newscasts. Days later, however, I broke…but hid those sobs from studio lights and cameras.

The Uvalde tragedy hit me differently, especially seeing those places in person. We drove around the corner one sunny afternoon in August and there was Robb Elementary School. My eyes immediately tracked, right to left, the ditch… the school doorway… the boarded-up windows and then a sea of dried flowers, rain-soaked stuffed animals and photos blanketing the street corner out front. Real. Very real. And then numbness.

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I still can’t process everything that happened in Uvalde, not as a journalist but especially as a father. Driving around town that day, I sensed the loss down to my bones. How can you not?

With the first day of school today in Uvalde and as we prepare to witness these crucial steps in recovery and healing, I’ll go with what I know. To the students, families, teachers and other staff, my thoughts and prayers are still with you.

As I do my job, my respect for you all and your journey is hard to put into words. Please know that your state and people everywhere care. I do too. I will always worry about you…because that’s what dads do.

Have a safe and blessed day Uvalde. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

- Steph, Mark and KSAT 12.

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Mark Austin is well-known to South Texas viewers having spent the bulk of his decades-long TV news career at KSAT. He can be seen weekdays on San Antonio's top-rated 'Good Morning San Antonio' and 'GMSA @ 9.' Mark won Lone Star Emmys for Best Newscast in 2011 and 2017 and has covered every Spurs championship.

Stephanie Serna is a weekday anchor on Good Morning San Antonio and GMSA at 9 a.m. She joined the KSAT 12 News team in November 2009 as a general assignments reporter.