North Side family suspects celebratory gunfire caused bullet to go through home’s roof

No injuries reported; BCSO investigating

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – A stray bullet pierced a home’s roof before getting stuck in the living room ceiling, and the family who lives there believes it was due to celebratory gunfire by someone ringing in the new year.

“Shooting in the air because they want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, having no clue where’s that’s going to go,” said Adam Hansen, the homeowner.

It’s a new year with an old problem of people substituting firecrackers for firearms.

Hansen is thankful no one in his family of four was hit. He said the bullet got lodged in his living room ceiling and didn’t come all the way through.

“They’re obviously freaked out. They’ve never seen anything like this,” Hansen said, referring to his family.

He said his wife usually reads in the living room, and his kids have their video game consoles set up there. It’s a room that the family frequently occupies.

Hansen, who owns guns himself, doesn’t understand why someone would shoot in the air, not just because of the safety of others but also because of the expense.

“As expensive as ammo is, you think he would use fireworks over ammo,” Hansen said.

He has filed a report with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

BCSO took the bullet into evidence and is investigating.

Hansen has a message for the person who discharged their weapon.

“Don’t be stupid with a firearm. Be responsible. Don’t make other gun owners look bad,” he said.


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