TSA confirms large weapon found inside luggage at San Antonio International was checked in

Officials previously said owner didn’t declare item

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE 1/17/23: Transportation Security Administration confirmed Tuesday that the owner of the 84 mm-caliber weapon found in checked luggage at the San Antonio International Airport on Monday afternoon did declare the weapon at the airline check-in counter.

TSA said it was not informed about the weapon being checked in and said it didn’t allow it through the baggage screening as a precaution.

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The Transportation Security Administration found an 84 mm-caliber weapon in checked luggage at the San Antonio International Airport on Monday afternoon.

TSA announced the discovery on its official Southwest division Twitter page.

The administration said the owner of the luggage did not declare the firearm.

Firearm owners are allowed to travel with unloaded and locked weapons inside a hard-sided container but must “declare each firearm each time [they] present it for transport as checked baggage,” according to the TSA.

Additionally, TSA shared detailed information for individuals traveling with firearms and ammunition.

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