Passenger killed after tire falls off 18-wheeler, strikes car on I-10 in Houston

Tire bounced across median and struck a Kia

Person dead after being hit by loose tire on I-10 in W. Houston (Harris County Constable Precinct 5)

HOUSTON – A person was killed after a tire fell off an 18-wheeler traveling on Interstate 10 in Houston and struck a car, according to authorities.

Ted Heap, the Harris County constable for Precinct 5, said the accident happened at around 8:30 p.m. Thursday on the Katy Freeway on Interstate 10.

An 18-wheeler was traveling eastbound on the highway when it lost a tire. The tire bounced to the westbound lanes and struck a Kia, killing its front-seat passenger, Heap said.

The driver of the Kia crossed all six lanes of the road and crashed into a barrier wall. The driver was taken to the hospital with injuries not expected to be life-threatening.

KPRC, KSAT’s sister station in Houston, reported that the driver of the 18-wheeler did not stop.

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