New Hidden Restaurant Gem! New Burger Joint Offers Insane Donut Burger & More!

New South Side Burger Joint Promises To Become Your New Favorite Spot

SAN ANTONIO – Burger Lab is a south side restaurant that is both a Mexican restaurant and a killer burger joint creating insane burgers - like their Sir Luther, a Krispy Kreme donut breakfast cheeseburger.

The burger patty gets mixed with a secret blend of seasoning and grilled on a flat top - then - a mound of shredded cheddar cheese gets added on top and melted down.

A fried egg and bacon get stacked on top - and it all gets nestled between two warmed up Krispy Kreme donuts and served with sweet potato fries.

Also on the menu - a meatloaf monstrosity called mom’s leftover meatloaf sandwich.

Their traditional patty gets transformed into a meatloaf patty using breadcrumbs, eggs, and seasoning - and gets grilled on their flat top.

Fresh mashed potatoes and the grilled patty get added on top of Texas toast and get covered in hot brown gravy.

Then - a piece of toast gets added on top with more gravy and gets served with a side of corn on the cobb.

Fiancés Maria and Roland opened burger lab back in July - and have been the masterminds behind all of the burger creations.

A burger named after Maria is the mi boricua - a Puerto Rican influenced burger that represents her roots.

The mi boricua burger has fried plantains melted white cheddar cheese, and a pineapple rum glaze all served on a toasted King's Hawaiian bun with a side of yuca fries and mayo-ketchup sauce.

For burger traditionalists - their mushroom swiss burger is worth the drive.

Fresh mushrooms get rinsed and sauteed with onions and special mushroom butter.

The grilled patty gets placed in a bowl - covered in mushrooms and onions and swiss cheese - and gets melted down in the salamander.

The patty, cheese, and shrooms get added to toasted buns and served with freshly sliced homemade potato chips.

Burger Lab makes crazy killer burgers - like their 5 lbs patty 12-inch patty - their onion ring tower burger and so - much - more!

Burger Lab is located at 9756 Southton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78223.

To get more information on Burger Lab, head to their Yelp page.

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