3 easy DIY birthday crafts

How to celebrate September birthdays on a budget

San Antonio – September has more birthdays than any other month of the year. SA Live shares three crafts that you can make from materials you already have around the house.

Construction Paper Party Hats

  • colored cardstock
  • string
  • tape
  • black marker or pen
  • exacto knife or scissors

Grab a paper plate or anything that has a large enough circle as a base and then trace around it on your construction paper. Cut out the circle and fold it into a fourth, and cut one line halfway into it. Roll it up into a cone shape and tape it together. Cut small holes for the string at both ends and tie the ends of the string together to make a chin strap.

Cereal Box Piñatas

  • empty cereal box
  • crepe paper
  • packing tape or glue
  • scissors
  • preferred string: twine, cord or ribbon

Cut lines into the cereal box creating a “plus” shape so that the candy can burst out when you hit the box. Wrap and tape crepe paper around the box. Cut the edges of the crepe paper for flair. Then add extra decorations if desired. To finish, cut holes at the top of the box for the string. Fill the cereal box with your preferred candy, and hang it with a string. Have a smashing good time!

Toilet Paper Roll Confetti Poppers

  • choose an empty toilet paper roll, cup or bottle
  • balloons
  • tape
  • confetti
  • colored construction paper (optional)
  • stickers (optional)

Take your toilet paper roll or cup and make sure it has open holes on both ends. Tie off the end of a balloon and cut it off. Tape the cut balloon end over one of the holes. Make sure that it is air tight. Add colored paper or desired decorations to the outside. Create your own confetti by cutting up colored construction paper. Then put the confetti into the popper and pull the balloon end.

Watch the video above for examples.