Doggie makeover right to your door

Spa day for your dog & grooming tips for pet parents

Mobile dog groomers share tips for pet parents

Mobile dog groomer gives advice to pet parents – The calls and texts have doubled, some days tripled at Pup Town Spaw since the start of the pandemic. With people staying indoors, a mobile dog groomer is exactly what many pet parents in the San Antonio area are looking for.

You name it they can take care of it, baths, hair cuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and that’s only the start of what they do. They’re also up to the challenge to grooming those cats.

Pup Town Spaw isn’t just dog groomers, they’re dog lovers and want the best for your pets whether it’s with them or at home. They have a few tips for home grooming.

Trouble with bathing? Try putting some peanut butter on the bathroom wall. It can lure-in and distract your dog while they’re in the bath. If that doesn’t work a dry shampoo is great to freshen them up, until you can get a professional to help.

Trouble nail clipping? Frequent walks will naturally file-down their nails.

Did your dog get sprayed by a skunk? This is info every dog mom and dad should know. Your first reaction might be to clean them off with water, but DON’T! Water will only make it worse and the smell could stick with your dog for months. The best thing is to have a special skunk shampoo on hand. Tomato juice is also NOT the answer. It will mask the smell for a little bit but it will come back. If your not prepared, there is an at-home remedy or Pup Town Spaw is ready to tackle your stinky problem.

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