3 faux latte recipes for kids who wish they could drink coffee like grown-ups

None of the caffeine, all of the fun

Nanny Jada Rashawn returns with three incredible just-about-java drinks for the kids who wish they could sip what mom's enjoying - without the caffeine. Recipes on salive.com.

SAN ANTONIO – Nanny Jada Rashawn returns with three incredible almost-java drinks for the kids who wish they could sip what mom’s enjoying - without the caffeine.

“Honestly, if you know me, I am very, like, unstructured,” Rashawn said. “I don’t really worry too much about ingredients. We just mix it and we make some magic.”

Check out her kid-friendly, faux latte recipes below.

  1. S’mores “latte” - Warm milk of choice (or chocolate milk for an iced drink), powdered hot cocoa mix (Rashawn suggests Hershey’s), chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, graham crackers, whipped cream and marshmallows. Mix the hot cocoa mix with the milk or skip that step and use cold chocolate milk. Top with whipped cream and add the rest as toppings. Bonus points for toasting your marshmallows before you add them as toppings!
  2. White chocolate rainbow/unicorn “latte” - Warm milk of choice, white chocolate hot chocolate mix, food coloring, whipped cream, caramels and rainbow sprinkles. Mix the hot chocolate mix with the milk. Add whipped cream and top with food coloring, caramels and rainbow sprinkles. Magical!
  3. Caramel mocha “cappuccino” - Warm milk of choice, powdered hot cocoa mix, caramel syrup, whipped cream and caramels. Mix the hot cocoa mix with the warm milk. Add caramel syrup and top with whipped cream, more caramel syrup and caramels. Yum!

Rashawn is a content creator for the nanny niche, who loves all things coffee, kids, lifestyle, beauty and family. You can check out her website here.

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