New exhibition at San Antonio Museum of Art highlights jewelry of Central and East Asia

click to enlarge Seale StudiosPair of Earrings, China (Miao), first half of the 20th century, Silver, each 1 7/8 in. (4.8 cm), Promised gift from Elizabeth and Robert LendeLast week, the San Antonio Museum of Art debuted its latest exhibition , "Exquisite Adornment: Turkmen and Miao Jewelry from the Elizabeth and Robert Lende Collection," which showcases a variety of silver jewelry from two distinct Asian cultural identities.On display through January, the collection is presented in honor of the museum's fortieth anniversary in 2021.The jewelry in "Exquisite Adornment" is a promised gift by Elizabeth and Robert Lende, long term supporters of SAMA who have collected silver jewelry from various Middle Eastern, Asian, North African and American cultures for the past forty years.The exhibition features approximately 120 jewelry pieces from the Turkmen people of Central Asia and the Miao people of southwestern China. Pieces include types of jewelry that were present in both cultures, as well as those unique to each, such as the Turkmen's temple pendants and the Miao's neck rings and back hooks.In addition to the central collection of Turkmen and Miao pieces, "Exquisite Adornment" also features a selection of jewelry of the Hill Tribes from the nearby region of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.SAMA is open for both in-person visits as well as virtual exhibitions and activities. "Exquisite Adornment" is on view through January 3, 2021.

Relive the Joy of Saturday Morning Cartoons at the San Antonio Museum of Art This Weekend

click to enlarge San Antonio Museum of Art / FacebookEvent Details Superhero Pajama Party! @ San Antonio Museum of Art 200 W. Jones Ave. San Antonio, TX When: Fri., July 26, 6-9 p.m. Price: $12-$20 Film, Art and Kids MapThe San Antonio Museum of Art has already hosted a slew of lectures and other educational events in conjunction with its "Men of Steel, Women of Wonder" exhibition, but on Friday museum visitors will have yet another way to experience the superhero-themed collection.For its "Superhero Pajama Party," SAMA is asking you to don your favorite superpowered vigilante-themed jammies and come on over to watch cartoons. While a marathon of Max Fleischer's classic Superman toons from the early '40s plays in the museum's auditorium, attendees can lean into the nostalgic Saturday morning vibe with breakfast tacos by Xanthia De La Cocina, cereal-inspired treats from Cereal Killer Sweets and the opportunity to release your inner child at a craft station, where you can make your own versions of Wonder Woman's headgear or Superman's cuffs.Although Fleischer and his brother Dave achieved great success with famous cartoon characters including Betty Boop and Popeye the Sailor, their studio was in decline when they took on theproject. Even so, the resulting animated shorts are considered a hallmark achievement of the Golden Age of Animation. While the 17shorts are often referred to as the "Fleischer Superman cartoons," the final eight entries in the series were produced by Famous Studios without the brothers' involvement after the collapse of their business.If your only exposure to superhero cartoons is more recent classics likeand the, then this is your long overdue chance to experience how it all started.