Happy International Cat Day! Share pics of your feline friends with us

Post a photo or video to KSAT Connect and tell us what makes your pet special

Post your cat photo or video on KSAT Connect! (KSAT)

Are you feel-ine good today? That may be because today is International Cat Day!

International Cat Day is a purr-fect time for showing off your feline friends. You can do that by sharing photos and videos on the KSAT Connect “Pets” page.

Want your pet pal in the spotlight? Post a photo or video to KSAT Connect and tell us what makes your buddy special.

Here are a few cat pics from KSAT Connect. Click here to post your own.


It's international cat day, let me sleep in!

San Antonio

Happy International Cat Day!

San Antonio
SkyWatcher (Oscar)

It's going to be over a hundred degrees again today and all my cat wants to do is sunbathe. She better hope we don't lose power; otherwise, she will be in for a really long day of sunbathing.

San Antonio

Beth the weather cat!

San Antonio

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