Where to get the best menudo in San Antonio?

Traditional Mexican dish a favorite for many

Courtesy: Gilbert's Mexican Restaurant
Courtesy: Gilbert's Mexican Restaurant

SAN ANTONIO – Trying to decide who has the best menudo in San Antonio is next to an impossible task as there are literally hundreds of places to get a great bowl.

So we turned to Facebook to ask our viewers. 

To our surprise, the majority agreed on the same spot: The best place to get a bowl of menudo is at home.

Menudo is a favorite for many in San Antonio and we want to know where can we get the best menudo in town?

Posted by KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Monday, October 31, 2016

Now we understand that not everyone has a mother or grandmother who can whip up a pot using a generations-old recipe, so we've compiled a list of places that can satisfy your craving for this iconic spicy tripe soup.

Once you've decided on a place, feel free to customize it to your own taste! After all, everyone has their own way of enjoying this traditional Mexican dish. You can add toppings like cilantro or onions, or make the broth brighter with lemon juice. Some prefer a heaping pile of pico de gallo in theirs. The possibilities are endless.

And while Menudo is a dish for all occasions, many believe in its restorative powers after a long night of drinking. Restaurants all over the Alamo City on Saturday and Sunday mornings are full of people fighting off hangovers with this dish.

So even though there was not a clear winner of our menudo poll, we've listed several that stood out:

  • Sazon Mexican Café, 9822 Potranco Rd.
  • Nicha’s Comida Mexican, 3119 Roosevelt
  • Gilbert’s Mexican Restaurant, 8161 Latigo St.
  • Tommy’s Restaurant, 1205 Nogalitos

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