Did Davy Crockett really die at The Alamo?

'America Unearthed' investigates possibility

SAN ANTONIO – Did Davy Crockett really die at The Alamo?

H2 channel's most-popular show "America Unearthed" will try to answer that question during its season three premiere at 8 p.m. Saturday.

"You're going to learn more details about his life and about his death at the Alamo and one of the things we're going to investigate is the possibility that maybe he survived the Alamo," said show host Scott Wolter.

In the show's promo, you hear Wolter say, "Crockett may have lived out his days in Alabama."

Director Raul Cadena, a former editor at KSAT 12, has a very special connection with the Davy Crockett episode. 

"It was awesome because it was something I was familiar with," Cadena said. "And there were stories that I hadn't heard before. And that's a lot coming from a San Antonio boy." 

So what did they find out?

"Did we come up with an answer?" Wolter asked as he glanced at Cadena. Wolter then laughed and said, "I think we did!"

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