Man arrested for murdering 1, assaulting 2 others with box cutter, police say

Attacks happened July 4

SAN ANTONIO – Police arrested a man who they say attacked three people with a box cutter on July 4, killing one of them.

Joe Casanova, 30, was arrested just after 2 a.m. Tuesday for the stabbing death of one man and the aggravated assault of two others.

Police said Casanova went to the home of one of the victims on West Gramercy Place on July 4. An affidavit says he didn’t say anything and the victims did not have any idea that he planned to attack them.

Two of the victims told police they had been moving a refrigerator when Casanova attacked a third man at the home. Then, they said, he came at them with a box cutter.

One of the victims managed to fight Casanova off and take the box cutter away from him. Two of the victims were taken to a hospital for treatment, where one of them, Andrew Arismendez, 37, later died.

Casanova is in the Bexar County jail on a bond of $150,000 for the murder and $75,000 for each count of aggravated assault. 

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