District 4 councilman fasts in effort to end hunger

Rey Saldana raises money to donate to food pantry

SAN ANTONIO – District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana is hoping to inspire others with a fasting challenge, hoping to convince people to dig into their pockets and help others who may be hungry.

"The idea was I couldn't eat until I raised $1,000," Saldana said.

For most of Wednesday, Saldana ate nothing but bread and water.

"As I was going through the day, all I could think about was who can I reach out to so I can reach my goal so that I could get some food in my system," Saldana said.

By 10 p.m. Wednesday, Saldana reached his $1,000 mark.

"I was able to have some of my mom's menudo before the World Series completed," Saldana said.

Saldana is not the only one who joined the fight to end hunger. At least 20 other people have fasted as well. Some of them also reached their goals, but the fight isn't over.

 "We have a lot of other fasters, though, that need the help," said Patti Radle, co-director of Inner City Development Group.

The effort, called Thanksgiving 365, is sponsored annually by The Inner City Development Group.

"Our mantra is that hunger in San Antonio and anywhere is not a Thanksgiving issue. It's an issue 365 days a year," Radle said.

"There are community members who go without eating, who go to bed on an empty stomach, who wake up with one," Saldana said.

The idea is that if anyone falls on hard times, at any time, it doesn't mean they have to starve.

"Thanksgiving, everyone becomes really generous with their support, but it is something that is beyond the holiday season," Saldana said.

The Inner City Development Group is hoping to reach its $40,000 goal by Nov. 14. If it's not met, some of those who participated said they will fast again, even if they've raised their $1,000.

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