30-year development plan proposed to grow, revitalize city of Kerrville

KERRVILLE, Texas – A 30-year plan to grow and develop the city of Kerrville is being brought to life, and residents are hoping to keep the city up-to-date with the changing times, while maintaining the city's vintage charm.

Members of the community offered input Tuesday to create projects to benefit the city.

Fast Facts:

  • The development projects are aimed at meeting the need of the growing population.

  • The projects will create new shopping centers, businesses and jobs

  • They will revitalizing historic areas, while maintaining vintage charm.

  • Funding will come from a mixture of public and private sources

  • The plan is slated to end in 2050.

What Kerrville residents and leaders are saying:

“We know that we're going to grow, so why not be in the driver’s seat,” said Mark McDaniel, Kerrville city manager. “We’re also seeing a change in demographics in terms of race and choice of lifestyles, and so I think the community is open to all that.”

“(I’d like to see) probably a little more shopping centers and stuff,” said Elsa Villarreal, Kerrville resident.

Additional Facts: 

The first public hearing on the development plan is set for at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at Kerrville City Hall. The second meeting is at 6 p.m. June 12.

To read the full draft of the comprehensive plan, click here.

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