Close-call crash in Northeast Side community leads man to call on county, city for help

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County homeowner said he’s been waiting a year for authorities to do something about dangerous vehicle crashes in his neighborhood.

Daniel Riera lives along Foster Road near I-10. On Tuesday night, a vehicle plowed through his back fence nearly hitting his home.

“It was a crashing noise. At first, I was stunned,” he said.

He then ran to see what was going on outside. 

“I saw the damage. My first thing was to make sure [the driver] was all right,” Riera said.

The driver was OK, but he plowed through three fences before ending up in a ditch.

Riera said there have been several similar crashes in his neighborhood, and he reached out to the city and Bexar County months back for help. Now, after his yard was damaged, he wants action sooner than later.

A spokesperson for Bexar County said the county has been made aware of issues along Foster Road and is currently looking at what the problem to develop a solution. Some of the factors that may play into the situation is the quick expansion of homes in the area, businesses and the schools.

The county is gathering information on how many accidents have occurred in the area. So far, it looks like two in 2016 and one in 2017, but the study is ongoing. 

The county said the majority of the crashes have involved DUI offenses. It is unclear when the study will be completed.

“To me, I feel like a guardrail would be the best solution,” Reira said.

He has a young daughter and dogs that he’s concerned about when they are playing in the backyard, so he wants officials to act quickly.

The spokesperson for the county said the final solution will have to involve the city, as well. The area is right along the county and city line.

About the Author:

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